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Episode 34 - Halloween Monsters, Memories, Movies, and Music

On this edition of the When It Was Cool podcast, hosts Karl & Tonya discuss Halloween memories, what movies scared them as kids, scary tales from Grandma's House, the hole to hell, the black racer snake, and Tonya has some fun with Halloween themed music and classic rock songs suitable for the Halloween season. Join us on our flagship podcast - When It Was Cool!

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Episode 85 - Universal Monsters

On this edition of the DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern continues Monster Month by looking back at the famous Universal Studios monsters and their movies.  The Universal Monsters included the Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Wolfman, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and their respective spin-offs and cross-overs.  Which of the Universal Monster movies are the best and which are the worst?  This week's show celebrates the iconic Universal Monster movies!
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Uphill Both Ways - Episode 013 - Halloween Retro Memories

The When It Was Cool podcast with Karl and Tonya will appear on this feed every other Thursday.  On the Thursdays the flagship WIWC show doesn't appear we will be posting another of our retro themed shows - Uphill Both Ways!  Uphill Both Ways is hosted by writers Mike Imboden and Joseph Perry.  On this episode they talk retro Halloween memories.  Joseph's Halloween memories article is one of the all time most popular articles on the website.

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Episode 084 - Friday the 13th

This coming Friday is Friday the 13th and falling in the same month as Halloween is a perfect topic for #MonsterMonth and DragonKing Dark.  In this episode, host Karl Stern explores the origins of Friday the 13th and how it may, or may not, have came to be known as an unlucky day including the very Game of Thrones story of the mass arrest of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th.  Obviously, we also talk about the movie series franchise.  DragonKing Dark is part of the When It Was Cool Podcast Network and is Patreon funded at
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Episode 33 - The Death of Tom Petty, The Death of Lance Russell, Halloween Haunted House, and Eerie Stories

The latest edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast takes a look at the music of the late Tom Petty the classic rock icon. Karl also remembers his favorite pro wrestling announcer, Lance Russell, who also just passed away. Karl and Tonya discuss the first Haunted Attraction of the season from an old abandoned school in Courtland, Alabama. Then Tonya reads some eerie stories that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It's the new When It Was Cool Podcast from !  When It Was Cool is a Patreon funded podcast -

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Episode 083 - The Booger Tree

Joe Clack is buried somewhere down by the creek. The mill owner was given $5 to bury his body. His horse is dead in the middle of the creek. Riding back west with a suit of baby clothes retrieved from Clack are a family of southern Union sympathizers. On today's new edition of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern tells us a tale of deep south history you might not be familiar with. Not every southerner was on-board with the Confederacy and sometimes those values ended up in murder. Today, the tale of the Booger Tree and the killing of Joe Clack.  DragonKing Dark is part of the When It Was Cool Podcast Network please support us at -
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Episode 082 - End Times Revisited

DragonKing Dark host Karl Stern revisits an earlier episode on the end times.  Yesterday, September 23rd, 2017 the world was supposed to end according to some but, obviously, it didn't.  But the month leading up to this weekend was full of tragedy, rumors of wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more.  It was enough to, well, make you wonder.  On this week's episode of DragonKing Dark host Karl Stern revisits his previous show on end time prophecy as well as talks about recent events.  DragonKing Dark is part of the When It Was Cool Podcast Network, a Patreon funded website -
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