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Monday, September 22, 2014

(UPDATED: Oct. 26, 2014) Cancer update and thanks

Updated October 26, 2014.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the donations and purchases made this month toward my cancer medical expenses.  Later this week I will be scheduling my meeting with the surgeon and determining if and when I will have the surgery.  Because of the tremendous outpouring of support I have again pulled the donation link as I now have enough money to cover my trips to the doctor.

Unfortunately, I don't have a decision to make between something good and something bad.  I basically have to decide between two bad choices and hope I choose the least worst one.

If I have the surgery, there is a very real possibility that I will be disabled and have to leave my job of almost 21 years.  I have talked with several people who have had the surgery and none really have positive things to say about it and my situation is somewhat worse than theirs in that my tumor is sitting in the worst position possible.  So if I choose the surgery it will likely have life long consequences.

If I choose not to have the surgery I am essentially choosing to live with what I hope isn't a fast spreading cancer.  I am hoping that by some miracle the radiation and chemo I have had so far has killed all the cancer cells and I will be living with a benign tumor partially blocking my colon.  It's a dangerous gamble.  Hopefully future tests will give me more clarity but the doctors thus far have been less than encouraging.  Obviously, they are all rooting me toward the surgery but I am the one who has to live with the consequences.

So, if you are religious or spiritual pray for me.  I am only 43 years old.  This was not in my plans.  As soon as I make my decision I will update on the radio show.  My wife and I have been really struggling with this and the time to make a choice is soon.

I really appreciate those of you who have donated for my trips and have bought Stern Sticks and digital downloads.  I will continue to update via the Karl Stern Classic Wrestling Audio Show.

Thank you and God Bless

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Best of Karl Stern Digital Download Sale!

The Best of Karl Stern Digital Download only $6. This digital download includes the following: 

Audio Shows:

The Southeastern/Continental Wrestling Audio Documentary
Interview with Dave Meltzer (2 different ones)
Interview with Dr. Tom Prichard
Interview with Pat Rose
Interview with Johnny Valiant
Interview with the late Paul Bearer
Interview with Buddy Landell
Interview with the original Dirty White Boy Jimmy Powell
Interview with Elix Skipper
Interview with the late "Nightmare" Ted Allen
Interview with Jeff Jarrett
Interview with Robert Fuller
Was Abraham Lincoln legitimately a pro wrestler?
And an 8 part series covering the entire history of pro wrestling from the pioneers to the present.

Newsletters/books: (.pdf)

8 different gigantic newspaper clippings
16 back issues of the DragonKingPress Newsletters covering a variety of topics including the pioneers of wrestling, the death of Bruiser Brody, Harley Race, 1981 yearbook, 1989 yearbook, and much more.
The Pioneers of Wrestling Special Booklet covering wrestling from the dawn of time until 1930 including a detailed look at the career and matches of Frank Gotch.
My fiction novel Absence of Absalom

All just $6 for a digital download of the files.

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Monday, November 25, 2013


Stern Stick 4 Now Available for Order!

The Stern Stick 4 is now available for order with free shipping world wide.

Exact Flashdrive may vary
What is on the Stern Stick 4?

It is a 4GB USB Flashdrive containing all of 2013's DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Shows from the website including the July Marathon with over 30 shows in that month alone, some 2012 show, well over 100 shows in all!    Also there are exclusive audio shows available nowhere else with topics including:  Dealing With Police, Comic Books, Rush, World Class Championship Wrestling,  Abraham Lincoln as a Wrestler, and several more.  Also included are the first 30 audio companions to the old DragonKing Press Newsletter and the entire run of the DragonKing Press Newsletter in pdf form including all the massive clippings (posters) specials!

What Topics are on the Shows?

If you don't know this man, you need this product.
The DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show covers old school classic pro wrestling from the pioneer era to the Monday Night Wars.  I don't have to worry about my shows being "dated" because it's all about history plus a good smathering of off topics as well.  Just some of the topics included are:  Mid-South Wrestling, Continental Wrestling, Memphis Wrestling, WWF, WWE, WCW, the NWA, AWA, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Lucha Libre, Japanese Wrestling, wrestling in the UK, Big Daddy, the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, World Class Championship Wrestling, Pacific Northwest Wrestling, Puerto Rico wrestling, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Edge, Triple H, Steve Austin, The Rock, and hundreds more!

What is the price?

The price per 4GB Flashdrive is $19.99 with free shipping world wide.

When does the Stern Stick 4 begin shipping?

The pre-ordered Flashdrives began shipping Tuesday, December 2, 2013.  Any orders after December 1st will begin mailing December 9.  If you pre-order you will get the Flashdrive before Christmas guaranteed.  Shipping is free no matter where you live in the world.

How do I order?
You can simply click the button below or send $19.99 directly to PayPal at

Monday, April 1, 2013

Southeastern and Continental Wrestling Audio Documentary!


Southeastern Continental Audio

I have recorded an over 2 1/2 hour audio documentary on the history and events of the wrestling promotion that made me a wrestling fan- NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling/Continental Championship Wrestling.

Bullet Bob Armstrong
This 2 1/2 hour audio documentary talks about the origins of the company from the days of Gulf Coast Wrestling and explains how this odd territory ran both a Northern and Southern divisions.  The documentary covers such topics, personalities, and angles as The Midnight Express origins, Jerry Stubbs/Mr. Olympia, the highly regarded tag team division, the original "Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller and his younger brother Robert.  "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and his later masked persona of "The Bullet".  The junior heavyweight division.  The controversial domestic violence angle with Dr. Tom Prichard and "Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony.

Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert
This largely forgotten territory was rich in history and then had a hot television run in the 1980's.  From Ron Fuller to David Woods and all points in-between, I think you will love this audio documentary.

To order for just 99 CENTS simply click on the PayPal link above or below.  Once I process your order I will email you a link to download the MP3.

Southeastern Continental Audio