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Episode 28 - John Mellencamp, Masters of the Universe, The Outsiders, and nursery rhymes are horrible

On this episode of the When It Was Cool Podcast from hosts Karl and Tonya take a look a four retro topics and discuss them.  On this episode Karl starts out with his newfound love of John Mellencamp.  Karl and Tonya both discover that they like a lot of John Mellencamp songs and think they might need to seek out more of his music, Tonya shares with us the horrible back stories to several children's nursery rhymes which might explain a lot about how messed up the world is today.  Karl has found several Masters of the Universe action figures at a recent flea market expedition.  Finally, Tonya shares her memories of the 1980's movie The Outsiders.  Stay gold Pony Boy.

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One Hit Wonders, Infinity Gauntlet, Banned Toys, and Andy Griffith Show

On this week's When It Was Cool podcast, hosts Karl and Tonya from discuss four retro themed topics.  This show we discuss one hit wonders in music history, Marvel Comics 1991 comic book limited series which is about to become the basis of a new Marvel Movie- The Infinity Gauntlet, toys which were banned or recalled, and the joys of the Andy Griffith Show and Tonya might be the only person on Earth who didn't like the show while Karl loves it.  It's another fun filled retro adventure from When It Was Cool a Patreon funded show!

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DragonKing Dark Podcast - Episode 71 - Alexander the Great and his Flying Saucers

The DragonKing Dark Podcast is now available on several platforms:  Figure Four Online, Dark Matter Radio, and now for free at When It Was Cool!  The entire back catalog of the series is still available on the Patreon feed at the $5 support level.

DragonKing Dark - Episode 71 - Alexander the Great and his Flying Saucers

(07-08-2017) DragonKing Dark host Karl Stern takes a look this week at the story of Alexander the Great being turned back from his advance into India by flying saucers.  Alexander again, apparently, had otherworldly help taking the city of Tyre.  But what is the truth of these stories?  In the time before airplanes, what did people see in the skies that was unidentified?  And finally, what does it really mean to be a skeptic?  DragonKingKarl has his take.  DragonKing Dark Podcast Episode 71

NEW AND IMPROVED! Season 2 - Journey, Where the Red Fern Grows, G.I. Joe Dragonfly, Edward Tulane, and more!

Episode 26 of the When It Was Cool Podcast features our new and improved format!  Four segments: Music, TV and Movies, Comics and Books, and Toys!  On this episode Karl tackles music talking Bruce Springsteen love and the problems threatening to split up Journey, Tonya takes on movies with an old classic Where the Red Fern Grows, Karl talks toys with a look at the 1983 G.I. Joe Dragonfly helicopter, and Tonya talks books with the great Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  New music, new production, but all great retro material! Welcome and spread the word about the new and improved When It Was Cool Podcast!

Check out this episode of the When It Was Cool Podcast

When It Was Cool Podcast to relaunch next week.

Tonya and I were discussing the When It Was Cool Podcast recently and both came to an agreement that it has evolved into something different that what we originally had in mind.  We also conversed about various upgrades we want to bring to the show and suggestions other listeners have brought to the table as well.

We have decided to relaunch the podcast next week (July 2017).  There is no need to do anything differently, all your current iTunes links and podcast app subscriptions will remain unchanged.  We are simply re-branding it as a Season 2 or Podcast 2.0 type situation.

The show will feature new music and production values far more in line with what we originally envisioned.  Also, the show will be much more focused content wise.  Each show will feature four to five consistent topics including music, toys, comics, etc and those topics will be touched on during every show.  The show will be reigned in to about 40 minutes and will come out more frequently.

We have also started a …

New Marvel Universe in Order Podcast - The Incredible Hulk issue 1

Tonya and I over at When It Was Cool have posted another Patreon exclusive podcast in the Reading the Marvel Universe in Order series.  This podcast is our best performing podcast and we want to thank everyone for listening and ask you to spread the word!  We really need these Patreon supported shows to keep us going.  We thank everyone for helping us and if you haven't yet committed to trying it we want to encourage you to do so, it's easy and inexpensive and you can cancel at any time!

Think about it, $5 is less than the cost of one drive-thru meal.  If you gave choose to support us just one time at the $5 level I feel confident you would really see what a great value it is.  We offer hundreds of digital downloads at that level and have three Patreon only shows:  The Marvel Universe in Order Podcast, DragonKing Darker, and the DragonKingKarl Old Time Wrestling Hour.  You can download all of those shows at that level.

Of course, you also get the entire back catalog for Dragon…