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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DragonKingKarl Super Stern Stick! Now Available! List of Contents. 439 podcasts plus TONS more!

Now Available!  The price is $20 with FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE and you get all the content on Stern Sticks 1-4 included for free plus all the content on the new Stern Stick 5!

I have pulled Stern Sticks 1-4 from being on sale.  The reason is simple.  Due to the decrease in the cost of USB Flash drives I will be including ALL THE PREVIOUS STERN STICKS on one 16GB Flash drive along with the Stern Stick 5!  You will be able to not only get the brand new Stern Stick but all four previous sticks as well on one flash drive.  Still with free shipping.

Contents (For the new Stern Stick 5):

Audio Shows (MP3):
DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Shows- 85 (including interview with Rip Rogers, Comic Conversations Special, Strong Men Special, and more)
History of the NWA World title series- 7 parts
Biography of Fred Beell- 1
Biography of Verne Gagne- 1
Embarrassing and Offensive Wrestling- 1
Wrestling in Pop Culture- 1
What Went Wrong With TNA- 1
Lord Humongous- 1
Now You Know G.I. Joe- 1
Other Wrestling Audio- 3

Reading Materials (.pdf):
DragonKing Press Newsletter original run & clipping specials- 88 issues (PLUS an audio show for EACH issue explaining each issue as a companion)
Various other Wrestling related pdf's- 6 

Here is a running contents list for the entire DragonKingKarl Super Stern Stick (including the contents from Sterns Sticks 1-4):

Audio Shows (MP3 format):   439 (Including: Southeastern/Continental Wrestling Audio Documentary, Interviews with Jeff Jarrett, Robert Fuller, Dr. Tom Prichard, Pat Rose, Johnny Valiant, Paul Bearer, Elix Skipper, Rip Rogers, Buddy Landell, Dan Severn, Nightmare Ted Allen, Bryan Alvarez, Dave Meltzer, Evan Ginzburg, Dr. Mike Lano, author Scott Williams. Encountering the Unknown (Non-Wrestling), Survival Skills (Non-Wrestling), True Crime (Non-Wrestling), History of Pro Wrestling (8 Part Series), History of Pro Wrestling Action Figures (4 Part Series), Abraham Lincoln as a Wrestler, Comic Conversations Joint Podcast (Non-Wrestling), Wrestling Strong-Men with Phil from London, Infinite Crisis with Lewis Fineman (Non-Wrestling), Comic Book Fandom (Non-Wrestling), Dealing With Police (Non-Wrestling), Growing Older (Non-Wrestling), Rush Fandom (Non-Wrestling),  History of the NWA World title (5 Part Series More To Be Added), Biography of Fred Beell, Wrestling in Popular Culture, Embarrassing and Offensive Wrestling, TNA history of Problems, Lord Humongous history, death of Verne Gagne.)

Documents & .pdf's:  88 issues of the original DragonKingPress Newsletter & Clippings Specials, Absence of Absalom fiction book by Karl Stern, 581 various wrestling/MMA/etc related documents/books/specials/newsletters/etc., thousands of card results.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Southeastern and Continental Wrestling Audio Documentary!


Southeastern Continental Audio

I have recorded an over 2 1/2 hour audio documentary on the history and events of the wrestling promotion that made me a wrestling fan- NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling/Continental Championship Wrestling.

Bullet Bob Armstrong
This 2 1/2 hour audio documentary talks about the origins of the company from the days of Gulf Coast Wrestling and explains how this odd territory ran both a Northern and Southern divisions.  The documentary covers such topics, personalities, and angles as The Midnight Express origins, Jerry Stubbs/Mr. Olympia, the highly regarded tag team division, the original "Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller and his younger brother Robert.  "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and his later masked persona of "The Bullet".  The junior heavyweight division.  The controversial domestic violence angle with Dr. Tom Prichard and "Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony.

Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert
This largely forgotten territory was rich in history and then had a hot television run in the 1980's.  From Ron Fuller to David Woods and all points in-between, I think you will love this audio documentary.

To order for just 99 CENTS simply click on the PayPal link above or below.  Once I process your order I will email you a link to download the MP3.

Southeastern Continental Audio