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The Battle of When It Was Cool!

We hope you will take the time to spread the word about our latest article at which is a fun-filled article which takes you through a journey of toys, comics, and pop culture of the 1970's through today!  There is also a free audio special you can download that accompanies the article.  Thank you for taking time to spread this article!

Are you a fit for the When It Was Cool Podcast Network?

Hello podcast hobbyist! Recording a podcast is no problem -> just have a topic, record it, done!  Not so fast!  You need to upload it to a service to host it, then you need to get the word out, it helps if you have a website so you need to build that too.  Want it on iTunes? Well that's even more work... and you'll need art for that which conforms to their specifications.  Suddenly, the hobby isn't so "fun" anymore, it's more like work.
Check out our various Patreon levels.  If you are a podcast hobbyist who records just one show (maybe even less!) per month then maybe we can host it directly at When It Was Cool!  Maybe you want to get a little more serious about it and record more!  We have packages for that too. When you become a Patreon at a level that includes a podcast package, you not only get the HUNDREDS of digital downloads that we put on the feed (we think that alone is worth a membership) but you can also take advantage of our podcast hosting se…

Let's talk as friends for a minute...

Hello!  I'm Karl Stern from the When It Was Cool website and probably half a dozen podcasts you may or may not listen to on a regular basis.  I'm just a normal guy with a normal family probably just like you.  In fact, this picture is my wife (Tonya from When It Was Cool) and I just hanging out in a giant chair at Jerry Lawler's restaurant on Beale Street in Memphis, TN.

Years (and years, and years) ago, I began writing a small little pro wrestling newsletter.  Eventually it grew into a larger pro wrestling newsletter called the DragonKing Press Newsletter all about wrestling history.  During that time I had a pretty good size pro wrestling website dealing with wrestling history and interviewing the stars we all grew up with.  Later, I merged all of that into Bryan Alvarez's fantastic website which later merged with Dave Meltzer's incredible Wrestling Observer, creating the best pro wrestling news and information site on the internet.

I still work the…

Comics, Food, and DragonKing Dark!

We have some great new articles up at When It Was Cool.  Joseph Perry takes a look at the old 1960's Dell Comic book series The Outer Limits issue 5 -

Tonya from When It Was Cool has put up a couple great new recipes lately too.  A real flavorful and lightly spicy sausage and rice skillet dinner - and then you can try this creamy dessert afterwards - chocolate eclair! -

I hope you will stop by the When It Was Cool Website and check out all the new improvements.  I have made the front page a lot easier to navigate and our various social media links easier to find.  We also continue to add more Patreons and I am hopefully adding even more content very soon.  If you aren't a Patreon supporter you are missing quite a few great podcasts and many digital downloads.  It really is a …

Welcome to Karl's blog!

As part of our ever expanding When It Was Cool website, I am going to encourage our various writers and contributors to link a blog to the website so we can share our thoughts easily on various matters, comment on When It Was cool articles, share stories and thoughts not directly related to the material presented at When It Was Cool, and more.

Tonya from When It Was Cool had recently been thinking about starting a blog and I decided this would be a good time to reactivate mine too.  New blog posts will be linked to When It Was Cool so there is no need to bookmark this page or anything, just keep checking the When It Was Cool website for more.

Thank you!