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Death to ads! Why When It Was Cool removed Amazon from our website.

If you listen to virtually any podcast you have heard the plugs over and over again - "Please use our links to buy through Amazon!"  For several years, way before we launched When It Was Cool, back when I was only doing the DragonKingKarl blog, I used Amazon ads.  I have never made significant money off of them.  I recently reviewed my Amazon payments for the last few years and found that, despite buying all my own products via my links, that I had earned virtually no money from their affiliate programs.

I decided today to, once and for all, kill the ads.  Aside from a few that will remain in the archives on individual article pages, I removed all of the them from the main page and will not be including them in future articles.  Why?

Perhaps you might do well with them but they have never performed for us.  While they are easy to insert and easy to code but my time is better spent providing content for Patreon than wasting my time seeking out Amazon ads that we will likely never turn a dime on.

  • Some people's ad blocking and anti-virus software recognized the code as malignant.
I have heard from two people since When It Was Cool began that certain anti-virus software was giving them warnings for the code used in the Amazon ads.  With a start-up website like ours I can not afford to turn away a single potential reader or fan.

  • We have been well pleased by using Patreon as our prime monitization model.
While our numbers are small, we are growing.  Patreon allows us to give something in return for someone's support.  At the present time you can get about 400 digital downloads including exclusive podcasts, digital comics, ebooks, and more by supporting us via Patreon.  Patreon is extremely easy to sign up for and we have heard nothing but positive feed back from our Patreon's.  Our feed back from Amazon has always been non-existent.

  • We want to stay as far away as possible from affiliate programs and annoying website experiences.
We will never use pop-up ads, we will never allow auto-play videos, we will never employ slide shows that force you to click from page to page to page in order to throw more ads at you.  Never.  Ever.  We want our listeners and readers to choose to support us and Patreon, we feel, is the best option.  For those who don't want to use Patreon then please consider a direct donation by PayPal.  There is a button on that for the front page and several have used that and we thank you.


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