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The Family That Blogs Together Grows Together

Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by the blog again.  Presently, we have two blogs linked to the When It Was Cool website, mine and Joseph Perry's Taste the Milk of Chocula.  Tonya is working on one but it isn't ready to launch it yet.  I am interested in adding some more blogs to our, well, blog section of the website.

Why add blogs?  Well, the are many reasons actually so let's talk about them for a moment.

It's added content for website visitors.

If we actually expect to grow a fan base - by that I mean really engaged readers and listeners who like what we do and want to participate - we need a depth of content for them to explore.  If we actually build really engaged website visitors then they will want to participate at a deeper level and a blog is a good place to do that.  Many blogs allow comments were readers can have a say in things.  I realize not everyone wants to allow comments on their blogs and I understand that, but still, it allows another level of engagement for those who truly like what we (and you) are doing.

It helps to build our web traffic and yours.

There is really no short-cut anymore to strengthening search results in Google or other search engines.  The best way to raise your results in search engines is what is called "link backs".  Link backs are simple, you include a link to an article at our website and we include a link to a post at your blog.  It helps both of us.

It's a Win-Win / No Lose situation

If your blog is featured at When It Was Cool it is a no lose situation.  You get a link that people can click to get to your blog and it costs nothing.  In return, our website visitors get some cool additional content (whatever it is you blog about) and you, hopefully, will link to some of our articles generating traffic for us too.  Everybody wins.

Who can get listed in our blogs section?

Obviously we can't (and won't) include just anything.  The first and foremost requirement is that your blog must be family friendly and work safe.  No vulgarity or explicit content.  We are totally committed to a family friendly environment and we will unlink any blog that posts explicit content.  Next, your blog needs to be something remotely related to topics we cover:  Retro, toys, comic books, television, movies, wrestling, food, music, collecting, etc.  Otherwise, it just wouldn't make sense would it?  Finally, to work in this symbiotic relationship we would want any blog we feature in our blog section to occasionally link to our articles.  You don't have to link to every one, just the ones of interest to your readers.  We also would hope you would join our community and interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you think we might be a fit for each other, message us on Twitter or shoot us an email to  Please send a link to your blog.  Not every blog is going to be a fit and please remember we are 100% committed to family friendly so please understand that is non-negotiable.  Hopefully we can build a mutually beneficial community!

Thank you
Karl Stern


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